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13.2 Qualifying Experts in Court > 13.2.1 Sample qualification questions - Pg. 98

98 CHAPTER 13 Qualifying an Expert in Court 13.2 QUALIFYING EXPERTS IN COURT What you will want to accomplish through questioning of the expert witness is whether or not she has enough of any of the above to qualify her as an expert in the area in which she will be testifying. The ongoing challenge with experts is that law- yers and judges do not know enough about this particular field to adequately make a determination in many cases of whether an expert is actually qualified or not. There are a couple of ways to attack this particular issue: 1. Cross-examination specific to the area of expertise compared to the expert's resume or curriculum vitae 2. Cross-examination on the underlying principles and practices that form the basis of the area of expertise 13.2.1 Sample qualification questions These sample questions will use computer forensics as the focus; however, you should substitute the specific area of forensics when applicable (GPS, cell phone, cellular technology or cell tower technology, audio, video, and so on).