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18 Discovery of Video Evidence > Summary - Pg. 133

Summary 133 3. A listing of all the tools used in the acquisition, preservation, analysis, and processing of video evidence, to include both hardware and software tools. With software tools, the version of the software should be included. The tools should be listed as used in the examination of video evidence in sequential order. 4. Any and all chain of custody records regarding the video evidence. 5. Any and all reports and documentation concerning the methods used to preserve the video evidence, to include but not limited to, reports and documentation pertaining to hardware or software forensic write-blocking, and reports or documentation pertaining to the hardware or software tools used to create any duplicates of the original evidence and the method of storage for the original video evidence. 6. Any and all information, documentation, or reports concerning the viewing of the video evidence from the original media should also be included. 7. A copy of any forensic reports that detail the work process used by the forensic examiner in the course of his or her examination for the video evidence in this case, including any logs created by the analysis software used to examine the evidence. SUMMARY