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218 CHAPTER 31 Internet History (Web and Browser Caching) 31.1 INTERNET HISTORY AS A BASIS FOR INTENT In a child pornography case, the defendant was claiming that the images found on his computer were put there by a disgruntled employee from a USB drive. A forensic exami- nation of his computer was performed and the prosecution used his Internet history to show that he regularly visited websites with web addresses that suggested they contained images of young girls. While the case did not turn on this evidence, it certainly did not help his argument that he was not interested in obtaining or viewing child pornography and had never searched for or looked at child pornography in the past. 31.4 WHAT IF THE INTERNET CACHE IS CLEARED BY THE USER? All Internet browsers provide a way for the user to clear the Internet history and cache. However, that does not mean that the history and web pages are gone from the computer. In fact, when you delete something in Microsoft Windows, no data is actually removed from the hard drive. This means that a forensic examiner can