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42 Global Positioning Systems > 42.5 Collection of Evidence from GPS Devices - Pg. 314

314 CHAPTER 42 Global Positioning Systems can give indication of a timeline as well as the locations visited by the GPS device. Note the distinction of "visited by the GPS device," since it is not possible to con- nect a particular person to the device from any evidence contained within the device itself. To do so would require a larger body of evidence linking a particular person to a vehicle or GPS unit, for instance. If you have a good track log obtained from a GPS device, the locations and the dates and times can be an indication of where the GPS was and how long it remained in that particular location. 42.4.3 Other GPS device evidence While the most basic GPS units only record waypoints and track points, GPS- enabled cellular phones and connected GPS units can contain a great deal more data that may be of evidentiary value. A connected GPS unit is one that has a cellular radio built into the unit. Some examples of this are the navigation systems currently available in many vehicles that use the On-Star or Microsoft Sync systems. These units have the ability to make phone calls, receive real-time traffic alerts, search for local shopping deals,