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8 The Difference between Computer Expert... > 8.3 A Side-by-Side Comparison - Pg. 63

8.3 A Side-by-Side Comparison 63 8.3 A SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON While both the computer expert and the forensics expert will both need technical knowledge, they differ markedly in the type and scope of the technical expertise needed to perform their functions. Table 8.1 is a very small sampling of the technical differences between compu- ter expertise and digital forensics expertise. The take-away from this is that while both disciplines have a technical foundation, they are not the same. Computer expertise begins with establishing a technical foundation of knowledge needed to provide and maintain computer infrastructure for computer users and does not have a requirement for the needed technical expertise specific for forensic handling and analysis of digital evidence. Computer forensics expertise requires technical Table 8.1 Technical Expertise Comparisons Computer Expert l Forensics Expert l l Installation and setup of computers, software, and networking Disaster recovery of failed systems from l Forensically sound acquisition of digital evidence Forensic data recovery from multiple