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9.2.4 The prequalification process > 9.2.4 The prequalification process - Pg. 71

9.2 Locating and Selecting an Expert 71 minority. To further break that down, examiners who will take criminal defense cases involving child pornography or other sex crimes is an even smaller minority. Some ways to determine if the examiner will take a criminal case is to look at their professional affiliations. Most examiners who have websites will list these professional memberships. Anyone who is a member of the High Technology Crimes Investigation Association (HTCIA) is barred by the association's bylaws from working for the defense in a criminal matter. Many HTCIA members per- form criminal work for local, state, and government agencies on the prosecution side. On the other hand, if the expert is an associate or full member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, you can be certain that he will take some type of criminal case for the defense. Also, many private forensic examiners are prior law enforcement personnel and still maintain a relationship with various law enforcement agencies. These examin- ers rarely take a criminal case for the defense. 9.2.4 The prequalification process Once you have a list of potential experts, the next step is to go through a prequalifi-