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5How Industrial Networks Operate > Endnotes - Pg. 109

Endnotes 109 SUMMARY Industrial networks operate differently from enterprise networks and use special- ized devices including IEDs, RTUs and/or PLCs, HMIs, Control System Assets, Supervisory Management Workstations, Data Historians, and Business Information Consoles or Dashboards. These devices utilize specialized protocols to provide the automation of control loops, which in turn make up larger industrial control proc- esses. These automated control processes are managed and supervised by opera- tors and managers within both SCADA and business network areas, which requires the sharing of information between two disparate systems with different security requirements. This is exemplified in the smart grid, which shares information between mul- tiple disparate systems, again across different networks each of which has its own security requirements. Unlike traditional industrial network systems, however, the smart grid represents a massive network with potentially millions of intelligent nodes, all of which communicate back to the energy provider, and possibly to other homes, businesses, or industrial facilities consuming power from the grid. By understanding the assets, architectures, topologies, processes, and operations