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Establishing Enclaves > Identifying Enclave Perimeters - Pg. 161

Establishing Enclaves 161 ESTABLISHING ENCLAVES Once the process of pairing down the dozens of functional groups has been com- pleted and the groups have been consolidated where necessary into larger overlap- ping groups, the enclaves can be established. Logically, the enclaves have already been defined at this point, with each consolidation of functional groups equating to a single security enclave. The process of establishing enclaves can be summarized as follows: 1. Identifying the boundaries of each enclave so that perimeter defenses can be deployed in the correct location. 2. Making any necessary changes to the network so that the network architecture aligns with the defined enclaves. 3. Documenting the enclave for purposes of policy development and enforcement. 4. Documenting the enclave for purposes of security device configuration. NOTE Establishing an enclave is simply a means of mapping those functional groups that need