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The Use of Terminology Within This Book > Assets, Critical Assets, Cyber Assets... - Pg. 25

The Use of Terminology Within This Book 25 THE USE OF TERMINOLOGY WITHIN THIS BOOK Terminology specific to these various organizations and requirements will be used throughout this book. Although they may originate in a compliance mandate such as NERC CIP, they are used in the more open context of security best practices unless otherwise specified. Some terms that will be used extensively are routable and non-routable networks, assets (including cyber assets, critical assets, and criti- cal cyber assets), enclaves, and electronic security perimeters or ESPs. Networks, Routable and Non-routable Although many think of a "network" as a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network running on Ethernet, that assumption cannot be made when talking about industrial network security. Because many areas of industrial networks are connected using serial or bus networks, which operate via specific protocols, we need to expand our definition to include these areas of the industrial control systems. To make it easier to discern between the two network types, and to align with NERC CIP terminology, the terms "routable" and "non-routable" are