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Data in the Shell > Data in the Shell - Pg. 111

Data in the shell 111 ahoog@ubuntu:~/htc-inc/mnt/sdcard/Android/data$ tree cache cache_its.0 cache_its.m cache_its_ter.m cache_r.0 cache_r.1 cache_rgts.0 cache_rgts.m cache_r.m cache_vts.0A cache_vts.1 cache_vts_GMM.0 cache_vts_GMM.1 cache_vts_GMM.m cache_vts.m cache_vts_tran_GMM.m debug testdata Similarly, the HTC Incredible ships with an emulated SD card that is stored directly on the NAND flash. The emulated SD card is mounted at /mnt/emmc. The following is a listing of a subdirectory that stores album JFIF thumbnail files: