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The open source nature of the platform has not only established a new direction for the industry, but enables a developer or forensic analyst to understand the device at the most fundamental level.

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"Android Forensics" - by Blitzkrieg WW2 on 13-NOV-2013
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The book I read to research this post was Android Forensics which is a very good book which I read at . This book is all about doing digital forensics on an android phone and it was released in 2011 so doesn't include Android 3.2. The most interesting part was the history of Android near the beginning and the information on doing digital forensics on an android is interesting but a lot of it is written out in steps that you probably want to go through it on an android phone whilst reading it to fully understand. I am sure if a reader was a digital forensics examiner with a bit of experience, I am sure they would fall in love with this book. Most of the exercises assume you are running linux on a computer with Ubuntu VMware & the Android SDK or software development kit. There is an overview of the various software you can use for digital forensics on this type of smartphone some of which are free and others are retail software. Some are only free to law enforcement agencies and digital forensic laboratories. There is one program called MobilEdit that will copy the data on an android with one click. Sometimes especially if the device is damaged or password protected they have to remove the chip and read it externally. They also have to put the phone in airplane mode, seal it in a special bag to prevent transmissions and temporily let the phone provider or ISP know to disable the smartphone. I really enjoyed reading this book and I must admit I find digital forensics quite interesting.
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"Android Forensics: Investigation, Analysis, and Mo" - by Anonymous on 05-SEP-2011
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Good read.
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