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CHAPTER 10 Application Security > Database security - Pg. 155

Application Security CHAPTER 10 security issues if they are exposed to general users. One area that might cause us trouble is the exposure of configuration files. For example, in many Web applications that make use of a database (that is a vast majority of them), there are configuration files that hold the credentials the application uses to access the database. If these files and the directories that hold them are not properly secured, an attacker may simply read our creden- tials from the file and access the database as he or she pleases. For applications that hold sensitive data, this could be disastrous. Likewise, for the directories on our Web servers, if we do not take care to secure them properly, this may be pointed out to us in a less than desirable way. We may find files changed in our applications, new files added, or the contents deleted entirely. Unsecure applications that are Internet facing do not tend to last very long before being compromised. 155 extraneouS fileS When we move a Web server from development into production, one of the tasks often missed in the process is that of cleaning up any files not directly related to running the site or application, or that might be artifacts of the