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Protecting data > Protecting data - Pg. 107

Physical Security CHAPTER 7 consider when discussing availability. Not only can we experience issues in read- ing the data from the media, but we may also have problems in getting to where the data is stored. If we are experiencing an outage, whether it is related to net- work, power, computer systems, or other components, at any point between our location and a remote data location, we may not be able to access our data remotely. Many businesses operate globally today, and it is possible that the loss of ability to access data remotely, even temporarily, will be a rather serious issue. 107 Residual Data When we look at the idea of keeping data safe, we not only need to have the data available when we need access to it, but we also must be able to render the data inaccessible when it is no longer required. In some cases, this need is relatively obvious; for instance, we might not overlook the need to shred a stack of paper containing sensitive data before we throw it away. But the data stored on electronic media may not present itself so clearly to everyone that might be handling it or disposing of it. In many cases, we can find stored data in several computing-related devices, such as computers, disk arrays, portable media devices, flash drives, backup