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Protecting networks > Protecting networks - Pg. 116

116 The Basics of Information Security attacks (discussed later in this chapter), and some may be temporary and due to causes entirely unknown to the network users. In this chapter, we will discuss some of the issues in protecting networks, and the various infrastructure and devices we might put in place to do so. We will also talk about protecting network traffic as it moves over networks, and some of the tools we might use to verify our security. PROTECTINg NETWORkS We can look to a variety of avenues to protect our networks and network resources against the array of threats we might face. We can add security in the form of network design by laying out our networks in a fashion that makes them inherently more secure and resistant to attack or technical mishap. We can also implement a variety of devices at the borders of and within our networks to increase our level of security, such as firewalls and intrusion detec- tion systems (IDSes). Security in Network Design Proper network design provides us with one of the chief tools we have to pro-