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A mini risk assessment > What were some of the possible vulnerabilities? - Pg. 54

A mini risk assessment 33 The battery in the boat could die, causing me to lose all power and even strand me on the lake. As you can see, whenever you consider what you have a risk, you will immediately start to consider some of the threats that could increase your risks. What I had at risk out there on the boat was everything that I could lose if something really bad happened. Let's call all the bad things that could happen possible threats. NOTE Risk management, and especially security risk management, needs to be much more than a listing of best practices for managing risks. Throughout my years of security training and penetration testing, I always ensured that the client corporation's risk managers were a part of our evaluation process. The best book on this subject that I have seen to date is a book published in 2011 titled Security Risk Management: Building an Information Security Risk Management Program from the Ground Up by Evan Wheeler (ISBN: 978-1-59749-615-5, Syngress). What were some possible threats while out on the lake?