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Acknowledgments - Pg. 10

Acknowledgments It's difficult to write an acknowledgments page for fear of forgetting to thank someone who has been so important in my life. Having spent many decades work- ing and learning in the fields of both physical and technical security, I have been honored to become friends with many of the top professionals in the world who live and work in both areas of expertise. I always like to start my acknowledgments by letting the world know that I can do nothing without the help of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I dedicate this book to Him, my wonderful wife Valerie and my son Tyler as he prepares to finish his college career and move on into the business world. My partner Don Withers is like a brother to me in every way. For 12 years now, we have been fortunate to pro- duce our Techno Security, Techno Forensics, and our new Mobile Forensics con- ferences, which have had attendees from over 48 countries. I want to especially thank all of the other authors and interviewed experts of this book. I know them all well and I know that you will enjoy getting to know them through their impres- sive chapters. These are some of the most respected and talented security minds in the world and I am honored to have them share this incredible experience with me. I'd also like to thank my good friend Matt Cater, Syngress/Elsevier Editorial Project Manager for his frequent editing help and for being so patient as we worked our way through getting my fourth Syngress/Elsevier book ready to be published. I would not have started on this 6 month-plus project without Matt as