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Let's look at that Telephone butt-in set... > Let's look at that Telephone butt-in... - Pg. 39

18 CHAPTER 1 Social engineering: The ultimate low tech hacking threat Just like any other small electronic gadget, I began to see these regularly at yard sales and flea markets. I picked up a few more just to give to friends and to demon- strate while I'm out at conferences. I've not spent more than $5 for any of them that I've purchased at these yard sales and flea markets. Most were $3 or less. They have plenty of valuable and legal uses. You just need to be aware that some people could use them for other purposes. Have a nice lunch . . . . LET'S LOOK AT THAT TELEPHONE BUTT-IN SET ON MY TOOL BELT The interesting little gadget shown in Figure 1.10 has been on my want-to-find list for over 20 years. I finally found one at a local flea market where they only wanted $25 for it. Using my "I want to pay less for everything" skills, I was able to get it for a mere $20. This $250 tool has many uses in the social engineering world. One of its primary uses, which you probably saw in Figure 1.5, is to help me look like a telephone dude. Even if it were never used for anything but letting me look like a