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Chapter 2: Low tech vulnerabilities: Phy... > Clean Out Your Elephant Burial Groun... - Pg. 67

46 CHAPTER 2 Low tech vulnerabilities: Physical security CLEAN OUT YOUR ELEPHANT BURIAL GROUND What happens when that computer (and elephant in this analogy) that you purchased a few years ago finally dies or becomes too old to do any work for you? I'll bet that it gets moved to your elephant burial ground with the rest of the electronic equipment that still looks new and valuable but isn't fast enough to keep up anymore. You can't simply put it out for the trash collectors to pick up, so there it sits, sometimes for years. This burial ground was a prime target for our penetration teams as we conducted our vulnerability tests from inside our clients' buildings. We frequently used our so- cial engineering skills to find out where the old computers were stored. If it was in a locked room, we would find a way to either get someone to open the door for us, or we would use our lock picks or pick gun to open the door. TIP Old disk drives will be an area of concern for years to come. Terabyte drives are now readily available (and cheap) at stores like Office Depot for anyone to purchase. Less than 15 years ago, I was thrilled to be able to purchase a 200-megabyte disk drive for $200. I was the first person that I'm aware of in my circle of friends to own a drive of this size for a mere $1 per megabyte. Now