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Chapter 3: More about locks and ways to ... > Keys And Key Control - Pg. 91

70 CHAPTER 3 More about locks and ways to low tech hack them KEYS AND KEY CONTROL The types of keys used in most buildings have remained virtually unchanged since Linus Yale invented them in 1861. Just about all of our homes and most businesses still use his pin tumbler locks for their primary perimeter defense. I have no way of knowing how often the master, grand master, and possibly great-grand-master key systems in buildings are changed. I do suspect that it's not very often because it can be an expensive process. Social engineering and key access While using our social engineering skills during each penetration test, our team always tried to make friends with the janitorial team. Sooner or later, we would need to ask a favor, and borrow their keys for a few minutes. Typically, their keys would open all of the doors on that floor and sometimes the entire building. A few minutes was all that it took for us to make a copy with the portable key machine that we brought with us in a small bag. Very few people have any idea of how the internal details of locks and keys work. Common knowledge of how locks work is another