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Going rogue > Marveling at the gambit of rogues - Pg. 142

Going rogue 121 Almost one quarter of these organizations had rogue access points. Rogue APs are just one type of rogue device; rogue wired devices such as switches and routers may have been present, as well as rogue clients or wireless endpoints. With the recent consumerization of technology, enterprises are struggling to keep up with the latest wireless gadgets and strike a balance between productivity, employees' desire to bring new toys ­ I mean, tools--to the office, and an acceptable level of risk and assurance for the organization. There's a full gamut of rogue devices and vulnera- bilities that pose security risks. Following are low tech hacks involving rogue devices and rogue networks inte- grated into the existing enterprise network. Marveling at the gambit of rogues · Introducing rogue access devices on the network Low Tech Level 2 An attack is an attack, regardless of the source or intent. If someone wants to take your stuff, destroy your stuff, or tamper with your stuff, whether that person is part