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Rogue on rogue > Rogue on rogue - Pg. 127

106 CHAPTER 4 Low tech wireless hacking Besides a few obscure proprietary solutions, there's no standard-based answer for the farewell attacks. But wait: there is hope. In 2009 IEEE approved a standard designed to protect certain types of 802.11 management frames. Aside from this new(er) 802.11w standard, network administrators are best served using WIPS (wireless IPS) and monitoring systems to pinpoint and identify trouble areas in the wireless networks. TIP IEEE's new 802.11w standard for management frame protection is coming. The IEEE 802.11w standard aims to mitigate certain types of WLAN DoS attacks. 802.11w extends strong cryptographic protection to specific management frames, thereby mitigating certain classes of DoS attacks on WLANs, such as deauthentication and disassociation attacks. However, there are limitations of 802.11w's ability to thwart certain DoS attacks: · 802.11w provides protection for certain specific 802.11 management frames only, specifically, deauthentication frames, disassociation frames, and action management frames. Hence, DoS attacks based on management frames not protected by 802.11w are still possible (e.g., association-based attacks, beacon-based attacks). DoS attacks based on 802.11 data and control frames are outside the scope of 802.11w. RF jamming-based DoS attacks cannot be mitigated via 802.11w. · ·