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Compliance department > Compliance department - Pg. 239

218 CHAPTER 8 Information security awareness training Audit department Yes, Audit is your friend! You'll find life easier for you, and any products and programs you create, if you run things by Audit on a continuing basis. Build the relationship and make them part of your team. I know this is not normal for Audit to have a close relationship with those they are auditing, but it made life a lot easier for me and them too once they realized we were all on the same team. Legal department Submitting materials to your legal department is the right thing to do. Rarely will you ever get a "you can't do this" statement from your legal counsel. It is managing the perception and protecting your program that counts. So, when implementing portions of your awareness program, such as an online training component, you want your legal department's input for obvious reasons and to make sure you have not over- looked something, such as how contractors are treated in reference to taking online awareness training. Privacy division Your company's privacy division can be your best partner. If your company is man-