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Let's talk more about alliances > Personnel department - Pg. 240

Making security part of the company mind-set 219 WARNING It's very important to understand that when you place the implementation of your program in the hands of another group, such as Compliance or Training and Development, you will lose control of the product, but not the content. You MUST be willing to do that and understand why you should do it. The reasons are simple. Compliance would take over the ongoing development and cost of the course. In other words, you become a subject matter expert. This does not mean you do not have control of content, just the manner in which it is being presented. You also lose control of implementation, which is not a bad thing to lose control of. It is very time consuming and takes you away from other opportunities to explore with the awareness program. So, if you get the chance to build an information security online awareness program, don't allow it to bog you down once it has been implemented and is running effectively. The more responsibility you can give away to others for implementing your program, the less cost and time is required to support it. This allows you to go on to creating other touch points for your program unencumbered. Again, you will always remain the subject matter expert. Training and communications division If your company has a training and/or communications division, embrace their ser-