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The intrapreneur > The intrapreneur - Pg. 216

An introduction to information security awareness 195 The information security awareness specialist The need for an information security awareness specialist is emerging. This person has a good handle on marketing, communications, media, design, and project management. This individual doesn't necessarily need to be a subject-matter expert, and though having CISSP credentials would be helpful, it is not a requirement. A lot of what they must have is common sense and the ability to put into people-speak information outlined in the company's information security policy, standards, and other sources of guidance. An information security awareness specialist needs the creative ability and license to design a robust program and the maturity to implement it successfully. What additional skill sets should you look for when hiring someone to design and implement an information security awareness program? · · · Previous experience in implementing such a program is certainly an asset. Good writing skills. Someone with good people and presentation skills who is comfortable interfacing with all levels within the company. Often he or she will directly support the corporate information security officer (CISO) and other senior leaders in their presentation needs and craft emergency awareness messages too.