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Chapter 8 - Information gathering > Talking to Google - Pg. 205

Talking to Google 205 Beyond this, we may be able to suss out information regarding the network structure by examining it from the outside, including the use of network tools to comb through DNS entries, examining the banners, headers, and other information displayed by Internet-facing servers providing e-mail, Web, and file transfer capa- bilities, wireless networks, and any other portions of the infrastructure available to us from outside the environment. With most such tools, we can put together a collection of scripts to automate, screen-scrape, and generally ease the task of gathering and parsing the large amounts of data that will likely result from our efforts. TALKING TO GOOGLE Google is an absolutely awesome tool for penetration testers. We may think Google is just a search engine that gives us mostly porn results back when we ask it for something, but we just need to learn to be a bit more specific when we talk to it. If we finesse Google properly, we can soon have it handing back exactly the results we are looking for, presuming they are present in the first place.