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Acknowledgments - Pg. iv

Acknowledgments This book has been an adventure. I originally started work on it when Logic 8 was current, put it on hiatus to revise the Logic Pro Power! series for Logic Pro 9, and finished it in between a number of new and different touring opportunities. It's been a real education and a labor of love that would not have been possible without the assistance and influence of a number of people throughout my life. To spend your days writing books and your nights working gigs, sometimes disappearing for weeks on end to travel to far-off places to make music, you need a very special and incredibly patient support system. I can't thank my wife, Julli, and daughter, Taylor, enough for all the love and patience they offer me and the under- standing they show when I have to hide away for hours at a time to work even more when I'm home. You guys are the best. My parents have always been in my corner, and I simply can't thank them enough. From driving me to piano lessons when I was a kid, to showing up at some of the strangest places in town to see me play, to letting me drop by for advice, support, and dinner at the drop of a hat (and normally a couple hours late), they've been the parents every child deserves. I still have the first synthesizer they bought for my brother and me way back in the early '80s--and I finally know how to use it! My sister and my in-laws are the greatest, and who can't love a mother-in-law who's okay with her daughter marrying a musician? I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. I also have to give a little extra acknowledgment to my older brother, Sean Anker. I started playing the piano when I was four to be like my big brother. He let me join his band when I was about 13. It's been downhill ever since.... Teachers are among the most important and influential people in our lives, outside of family and friends. I was fortunate enough to have a very gifted and forward-thinking music teacher through my elementary education who was introducing computer-based music in the classroom back in the early '80s. Between the exposure I had to the instruments my parents bought us and the exposure I had in the public school I attended, the groundwork for this book was laid early in my life. Mrs. Keyes now has an entire computer music lab at Westlane Middle School in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she teaches her students music in a setting that you won't find at many colleges. Music and art in general are essential to education. Thank you, Mrs. Keyes, for providing me one of the best music educations a kid could hope to have. I also have to acknowledge the music community that has been my extended family for more years than I can recall, particularly Marc Schonbrun; Jeff Jones; Harvey Cook; Lester Johnson; Glenn Hopkins; Tad Robinson; Steve Gomes; Benjie Porecki; Robb Stupka; David Earl and the entire Severn Records crew; internationally acclaimed techno producer Adam Jay Southerland; the great UK-based hip hop producer Eddie Al-Shakarchi; my late mentors Tony Jessup and Claude Sifferlen; the fellas who used to work at IRC Music; Steve Cooper and Greg McGuirk, who put up with me banging on their keyboard for endless hours back in the early '90s; the Keyboard Corner online community; and countless others who have worked with me, taught me, mentored me, and accepted me into the brotherhood. Thanks to the Logic team for continuing to develop the most incredible creative environment available on any computer, anywhere. I am a hardware guy by nature who has tried a whole lot of DAWs and software synthe- sizers. Logic remains my preferred environment because of its power, flexibility, array of top-quality synthesi- zers, and continued growth and leadership in the world of computer-based production. Finally, I have to thank my editors. Cathleen Small, who makes me sound a whole lot smarter than I really am, I thank you for all your help making this project better! Orren Merton, my Logic Pro 8 Power! and Logic Pro 9 Power! co-author, who dummy-checks this dummy's technical writing--the tips and clarifications you pro- vided were essential to the quality of this book. Thanks for everything. iv