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Index > D - Pg. 129

Index AIG, 34 Air Products Inc. v. Airgas, Inc., takeover attempt and business judgment rule, 30 Aspen Institute, 66­67 Bakan, Joel, 25, 101­102 Behavioral finance, 65, 96. See also Efficient market hypo- thesis; Homo economicus model of human behavior Berle, Adolph, 17. See also Purpose of public companies, Great Debate about Black, Fischer, 65 Black Monday. See Stock market, Black Monday The Black Swan (Taleb), 106 Blair, Margaret, 75, 77 Congress change in tax code, as consequence of shareholder primacy view, 20 Corporate Law, US Delaware's, 28 Dodge v. Ford Motor Company, 25­29, 31 mistaken assumptions about duty of corporate directors, 24­27 respect for boards' decisions, 32 sources of, 27 Corporate performance effect of individual governance mechanisms on, 49­50 individual versus aggregate