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Chapter XX: Mobile Virtual Blackboard as... > EVALUATION OF THE MOBILE VIRTUAL BLA... - Pg. 383

Mobile Virtual Blackboard as Multimodal User Interface EVAlUATION OF ThE MOBIlE VIRTUAl BlACKBOARD The Mobile Virtual Blackboard was evaluated by 24 students at their last year of undergraduate stud- ies in Information Technologies. The evaluation still proceeds and the students are encouraged to use this mobile system. The students were asked to assess whether the mobile blackboard would be useful for their studies. The questionnaire given to the students was separated in three logical parts: (1) Experience with the mobile devices, ((2) Interface usability and (3) Features of the application. The questions list that examines the partici- pants experience and acceptability of our mobile Distance Education Systems are: · · Do you own Pocket PC device? Do you have any experience with Pocket PC · Have you used applications with similar purpose before? The Y axis in Chart 1 represents questions with the same number from questionnaire above. Results show that most of the examinees have previous experience with Pocket PC application. All of them agreed that Mobile Virtual Black- board could make learning process easier and more convenient. The only fact that concerns is that the Pocket PCs are not yet that widely spread among the students population (probably because of their high price). The questions that examine the system inter- face usability and provide information for future upgrades are: · · Is the number of different colors that can be selected for the drawing pens satisfying? Are you satisfied with the layout presentation