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Project Management Assessment Methods tions have to work with diverse workforce with different cultures to meet desired objectives and successfully complete multitude of tasks. It is therefore important to observe that assessment methods adopted will have a profound effect on the end results. Assessment analysis should be designed, developed and implemented so that they are completely independent of above mentioned variable characteristics such as race, gender, ethnicity, etc. A simple method to Measure and Document Assessment Impact is outlined in Appendix O. AssEssMENt ArtIcULAtION It is always admirable to articulate assessment process as an instrument that incorporates intricate details which could benefit the employees as well as the corporation. One can easily observe that way, assessment puts a team approach perspective to the environment that already exists. It should also be emphasized that it is possible to precisely determine success and effectiveness when proper assessment procedures are practiced. Assessment also addresses community concerns as to whether or not the available resources are being used effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, assess- ment offers a proactive strategy that permits the company to exercise self control, demonstrating institutional integrity and corporate account- ability before being forcibly asked to document a certain process by an outside body or an external agency. AssEssMENt AUDIt Here, the corporation takes its initial steps outlin- ing the importance of assessment, whether it be