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6.4 Reducing Static Open File Exchanges ... > 6.4 Reducing Static Open File Exchan... - Pg. 102

102 Robust Control System Networks Robustness target: The system under consideration does not offer static open file exchanges. Files that need to be exchanged with other systems are copied by secure, transactional procedures. Exchanging files among different systems is a necessity in real-world control system environments. Such files may be configuration and program files that need to be copied to other systems, data files for backup, or spread- sheet tables and documents that engineers want to copy to their personal notebook computers. However, few people who use shared folders take the effort to delete files that are no longer needed on that particular computer system (for example, after having been copied to another system, or to a thumb drive), and even fewer people dare to delete files from other users that cannot be associated with any given legitimate application program. Several months later, nobody can tell the exact purpose of every file in a shared folder. When looking at the contents of any shared folder, questions such as: Is this file required? Who owns this file? What will happen if I delete this file? often cannot be answered. And since it is unknown whether all these files are needed, they are sometimes treated as essential configuration files