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Chapter 14: Evaluating The Usability Of ... > Performance With Ida - Pg. 328

Evaluating the Usability of Home Healthcare Applications Table 2. Number of identified usability problems IDA Critical Serious Cosmetic Total 16 13 8 37 13 13 18 44 VBA 18 17 19 54 Total notes on the whiteboard. The list was validated and corrected by the test monitor and data logger the following day. The data analysis with the VBA method was carried out by three evaluators who analyzed the video material individually and made their own list of identified usability problems. The severity of each problem was categorized as critical, seri- ous or cosmetic. The three lists of usability prob- lems were discussed in the team and merged into one list of VBA problems. When there was doubt or disagreement whether problems should be PERFORMANCE WITH IDA In this section, we present the results of applying the IDA method for identification of usability problems for the home healthcare application. We also include data about VBA in order to illustrate how resource-economic IDA is. Number of Identified Usability Problems With IDA, we identified a total of 37 usability