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SOA Designed Health Care System for Taiwan Government specific services. Finally in the fourth stage, the RDEC implemented interdepartmental innovative services. The objective of the third stage aims to complete framework design for e-Government service platform based mainly in view of IT technical architecture, taking into consideration of functional and non-functional in the design principles to accomplish an infrastructure that support e-Government Portal and cross authority service integration, in addition to complete con- struction of service platform using SOA service design integrated with various modules. INTRODUCTION The Information and Communications Research Laboratories (ICL) also committed in service-ori- ented architecture related promotion and research at the initial stage of SOA development, which expands to the self-physiological measurement records of the public, hospital and laboratory re- cords, health examination records, and insurance documents. The advantages of electronization not only reduces the inconvenience of management in physical papers but also the largest benefit lies creating the possibility in sharing health records, which can be used to integrate a person's current and past heath records into more comprehensive information through connection of computer or internet. Electronic personal health records can also offer other advanced applications such as demographic information and needs for other medical research purposes. The development of common standards be- comes one important step to improve the use efficiency of data under medical environment and to strengthen integration of analysis and ap- plication. The information exchange of Health Level 7 (HL7) refers to the specific proposal of