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Preface - Pg. xvii

xvii Preface The rapid development of computational design technologies has significantly impacted on design and design education beyond the replacement of drawing boards with computers or pens and papers with Computer-aided Design (CAD), Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM), and Computer-aided Engineer- ing (CAE) applications. The emergence and adoption of these technologies has greatly challenged and is still changing the ways of design and educating designers. Computational Design Methods and Tech- nologies: Applications in CAD, CAM and CAE Education presents the state-of-the-art developments in computational design methods and technologies and explores their applications in and interactions with contemporary design and education. BOOK OVERVIEW Computational Design Methods and Technologies: Applications in CAD, CAM and CAE Education is a significant body of work including the following 23 chapters of original contributions from a cohort of international experts in the following areas: (1) research and development of computational design methods and technologies; (2) theory and practice of computational design; and (3) design education. This book reflects on the current trends and inspires future extensions in the advancement of computa- tional design methods and technologies as well as the evolvement of design and education under such influences, by exploring and challenging the interactive relationships between the two. With such foci, the book provides unique references for design research, education and practice, to the following pri- mary reader groups: · · · · · Researchers in the broad domain of computational design. Academics who are interested in applying computing design methods and technologies in teach- ing and learning. Pedagogic scholars who study the role and impact of computational design on education. Developers of computational design technologies. General design communities who follow the latest developments and applications of new media and technologies in the field. The book presents and demonstrates design education as an important test field for applying new computational design methods and technologies, providing significant research evidence to validate the effectiveness of these methods and technologies in design. It was observed that firstly, design researchers