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Chapter 18: Analysis of Gender Equality ... > 3. THE PROPOSED OBJECTIVE: A CAUSAL ... - Pg. 341

Analysis of Gender Equality in Higher Management Levels Table 9. Average Annual Salary (INE, 2009) It can be seen from the Table 9 how the distri- bution of salaries, on average, is always higher in the case of men. It is true that various reasons can be given, a prior objective, for these inequalities: the influence of seniority increments (seniority increments constitute a significant percentage of the salary of workers. Women have recently entered the labour maket, for which reason they probably have less seniority), differing working hours, varying quantities of overtime or produc- tivity bonuses, for example. In fact, researchers 3. THE PROPOSED OBJECTIVE: A CAUSAL ANALYSIS In spite of the existence of legislation specifically directed towards achieving equality in the work- place with regard to gender, the statistics show a reality that does not correspond to the objectives set out. Inequality between men and women on a professional level has not been reduced at the speed expected. The interaction of factors of a social, cultural or psychological nature, not considered