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Chapter 13: Facilitating Access to India... > PROBLEMS IN ACCESS TO CULTURAL HERIT... - Pg. 249

Facilitating Access to Indian Cultural Heritage · · · · · Himalayan Scenery ­ 107 Illustrated Rare Book, IGNCA 1537 Madhumalti paintings ­ 15 Exhibition on Bhutan ­ 103 Thankas of Ladakh ­ 80 v. vi. This will be a no profit no loss project and copyright will be shared. Any publication by IGNCA will be done with due acknowledge- ment and credit to the concerned Museum. Low resolution images of the artifacts along with textual data many be made available. Copyrights, Permission Rights and Ownership Rights i. ii. iii. IGNCA is having copyright on part of collection. Access at IGNCA is open to all without any charges. To obtain a copy, user need to seek permis- sion from the concerned library from where slides have been acquired. Some libraries charge some access fee. Re-production copies are available at pres- ent on charge basis in any format i.e. slide, digital or print for academic and research purpose. There are different charges and rules for commercial use and it depand on the purpose of the use. PROBLEMS IN ACCESS TO CULTURAL HERITAGE AT IGNCA Most of the above collection available at IGNCA has been obtained from various individuals and institutions from India and abroad. Some of these acquisitions are in form of gifts and some have been acquired on payment basis. However, most of these cultural heritage materials have been acquired under certain agreements. These agreements have put various conditions in relation to outside access and reproduction. One of the major condition in these agreements is that copies of these materials may not be available to any outside user without permission from concerned individual or library. This condition is a big obstacle in free and open access to cultural heritage at IGNCA. Some of the major problems faced by the users are as described below:- i. As per the existing arrangements users need to seek permission directly from the owner of the cultural heritage, which some time is granted, and some time no response is re- ceived. In many cases particularly in relation to manuscripts the response received is very late, therefore, there is a delay in providing the copies of the material to the users. Although, majority of cultural heritage ma- terial at IGNCA has been digitized but due to various restrictions this digitized material cannot be put on Internet for access to world- wide scholarly community. Open access versus restricted access is a debate going on at IGNCA since long. Still no decision has been taken about access to cultural heritage at IGNCA under open access environment. iv. v. IGNCA is also engaged in photo-documentation of various museums in India. Some of the terms and conditions of MOUS Signed by IGNCA for Photo Documentation of Museum collections are as given below: i. In consultation with the concerned Museum (authorities), IGNCA will identify the arti- facts to be photo documented. The equipment necessary for photo documen- tation will be provided by the IGNCA. The artifacts will be documented by IGNCA in the premises of the concerned Museum. IGNCA will prepare two sets of slide docu- mentation of each object. IGNCA will retain one set of slides for archival storage in their repository, and provide one set of slides to the concerned Museum. ii. ii. iii. iv. iii. 249