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8. From Apache to Nginx > Porting your Apache configuration - Pg. 246

From Apache to Nginx Conclusion There is one famous quote going around the Nginx community that summarizes the situation pretty accurately: "Apache is like Microsoft Word, it has a million options but you only need six. Nginx does those six things, and it does fve of them 50 times faster than Apache." Chris Lea, Other notable testimonies help build the reputation of Nginx: "I currently have Nginx doing reverse proxy of over tens of millions of HTTP requests per day (that's a few hundred per second) on a single server. At peak load, it uses about 15 MB RAM and 10 percent of my CPU on my particular confguration (FreeBSD 6). Under the same kind of load, Apache falls over (after using 1000 or so processes and god knows how much RAM), Pound falls over (too many threads, and using 400 MB+ of RAM for all the thread stacks), and Lighty leaks more than 20 MB per hour (and uses more CPU, but not signifcantly more)." Bob Ippolito, If you are in the market for high scale projects with limited resources at your disposal, Nginx comes in as a great solution. Apache is a good option to get your projects started when your knowledge of web servers and hosting is limited, but as soon as you meet success, you, your server, and your visitors may eventually fnd it inconsistent.