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1. Creating Natural Materials in Blender > Creating the quartz pebble material

Creating the quartz pebble material

Quartz is an extremely common type of stone that is usually layered inbetween other rock types. However, pebbles on beaches where this type of rock is common often break off from the layers and are tossed in the sea to form pebbles. The second pebble we will create is based on such a variety of rock.

Getting ready

If you have completed the previous recipe load up the saved pebble-03.blend file.

Alternatively, you can download a pre-created file from the following location the Packt Publishing website.

How to do it

Let's create a new material to represent the quartz pebble. To do so we need to have the pebble object selected and temporarily unlink the Surface-Color material, giving a clean surface upon which to design our quartz material. However, once you unlink a material from an object it will only be available for reuse during your current working session. As soon as you close that Blendfile, even if you have saved it, the material will be lost. Blender normally only saves materials assigned to objects. However, we can fix a material or texture by clicking the F button to the right of the material or texture name.


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