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About the Reviewers

About the Reviewers

Jeremy Bass has been working with CMSMS for a few years now and has joined the development team. He aims to put out modules that will help his workflow and hopefully others will find it useful. One of his start modules is ScriptDeploy, which has the goal of handling severed scripts whether it's JavaScript, CSS, or HTML code. His prediction on his next hot module is one called FontIn, which lets you manage site fonts with previews and all the streamlining ScriptDeploy has for serving them.

Jeremy Bass is the Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of the Philadelphia-based software firm Defined Clarity. His responsibilities include developing and managing quality assurance processes, management of the development team, along with leading the development strategy for the organization.

Defined Clarity provides business applications and frameworks for small and large organizations. Services provided include building, customizing, and supporting platform, web content management, enterprise content management, and database management applications.

He has also worked on a book — CMSMS Beginners guide to 1.6.x.

Jeremy currently resides in beautiful Idaho with his wife and son Corben.

I'm blessed to have a good family.

Nuno Costa began his career in new technologies by accident. When working on a business project in the transportation industry, Nuno realized he was actually building a web site and corporate image. At that moment he came to the conclusion that his real vocation was in technology, not in the transportation field as he had originally envisioned.

Nuno has held training courses in Designer and other multimedia technologies. He has worked as a web designer, mobile designer, and a specialist in User Interfaces and Web 2.0 technology, as well as working as a Unix system administrator. He has worked for companies in Portugal who were elected the best SMEs (small and medium enterprises), while developing work for both Portugal and international use. His preference in Open Source software includes CMS Made Simple, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Roundcube, and Piwik.

Nuno spent three years as part of the core development team of CMS Made Simple, and served as the official translator for the Portuguese language. When Nuno Costa joined the CMS Made Simple team, he revolutionized the graphics and UI of both the default administration and front-end themes. He created the default themes that have shipped with the most recent versions of CMSMS.

Currently, Nuno Costa is developing applications for iPhone, Android, and Facebook.

Ted Kulp has more than 10 years of experience in professional software development, web development, software architecture, and open source project management. In 2004, he created the CMS Made Simple content management system, and has grown the project's use in countless production websites. In 2007 and 2008, the project received multiple awards in the Packt Publishing Open Source CMS awards, sharing ranks with CMSs much larger than itself. In 2010, the project's core reached a milestone of 1,000,000 downloads.

In 2008, he started Shift Refresh, a consultancy dedicated to the support, development and maintenance of the CMS Made Simple project. As both developer and manager, Shift Refresh helped Ted learn all aspects of business ownership beyond software development, including finances, customer relations, and project management.

Prior to Shift Refresh, Ted was a developer for Not Sold Separately, a local web development and marketing house. He worked directly with Fortune 500 clients and startups alike, developing on multiple languages, frameworks, and systems. He also played a large role in system administration, project management, and systems architecture.

A native of the Philadelphia area, Ted lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife, two daughters, and beagle. He enjoys music, gaming, and travelling.

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