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Chapter 4. Sound and Vision—Including Mu... > Time for action making a link out of... - Pg. 120

Sound and Vision--Including Multmedia Content Manually adding links to Moodle web pages Modern word processors are very kind to you when it comes to links. If you include what looks like a link in your document, the word processor will usually interpret it as a link and format it accordingly. This means that when you copy the text over to Moodle then it will take the formatng put in by the word processor and Moodle will stll recognize the text as a link. This works in Moodle, too: if I type a link directly into the Moodle HTML editor then Moodle will recognize the text as a web link and automatcally turn it into a link. What happens if, rather than having the student click on the actual web address, as in: ...we want the student to click on a piece of descriptve text, as in: Next to the name of the Moodle web page you just created, click on the Update icon to open the resource confguraton page. Let's see how we can select a word or fragment of text and turn this into a link. Time for action ­ making a link out of text