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4. Building Custom Scrollbars > Adding custom scrollbars - Pg. 57

Chapter 4 Adding custom scrollbars In most cases, the appearance of the scrollbars is determined by the operatng system your site visitor is using instead of their browser. So it doesn't mater if you're using Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or some other browser on a Mac--you'll always see those trademark shiny blue scrollbars. On a PC, you'll always see chunky squarish scrollbars in whatever color scheme you've set in your Windows optons. Time for action ­ simple custom scrollbars You can see that the operatng system's default scrollbars stck out like a sore thumb in the middle of our nicely designed page. Let's fx that, shall we? 1. First, we've got to get our hands on the plugin we'd like to use to create our custom scrollbars. Head over to and click on the Download link in the navigaton menu: