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9. Creating Slideshows > The CrossSlide plugin - Pg. 201

Chapter 9 The CrossSlide plugin The CrossSlide plugin, by Tobia Conforto, makes it possible to not just fade images in and out, but to also animate panning and zooming. This plugin is ideal if you have a variety of diferent image sizes. For best results, the only requirement is that all images are at least as large as the slideshow viewing area. Images larger than the slideshow viewing area will be cropped. For example, if the slideshow is 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall, then all images used in the slideshow should be at least 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall. With JavaScript disabled, the CrossSlide plugin displays whatever content you've placed into the slideshow as a placeholder. This could be a single image, or it could be an image accompanied by text, or any other sort of HTML content you'd like. The plugin will then remove this placeholder content when the page loads and replace it with the slideshow. It is possible to provide butons that allow site visitors to stop and restart the slideshow. However, site visitors cannot manually advance through the various slides. Before we dive in, I do want to give a fair warning that you'll fnd the CrossSlide plugin a bit less designer-friendly than some of the other plugins we've seen. A panning and zooming slideshow is a complex task, and the plugin can only do so much to take that complexity out of your hands. That said, I'm sure if you take your tme and exercise a litle patence, you'll be able to get it fgured out. Time for action ­ building a CrossSlide slideshow Follow these steps to set up a CrossSlide slideshow: