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BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook > Preface - Pg. 1

Preface In your day-to-day job as a BizTalk developer, administrator, or consultant, you will face challenges when it comes to deploying a BizTalk Server environment, advising clients on integration with BizTalk, developing BizTalk solutions, working with its components such as Business Rules, or a feature such as AppFabric Connect. As an administrator, you will be responsible for keeping BizTalk healthy. The practical recipes in this book can strengthen your skills and knowledge. A developer can face challenges during implementation of functionality in an orchestration or while testing the solution. Having recipes in this book on how to deal with these challenges can be of tremendous value. Some of the recipes in this book will show you how to use other BizTalk-related tooling from Microsoft, the community, and third parties which can greatly improve your productivity as a developer or administrator. This book will provide you with guidance on using out of the box BizTalk capabilities combined with the capabilities offered by BizTalk tools found on CodePlex, and the Microsoft Download Center. BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook is a practical guide for developers and administrators, which they can use as reference guide for their day-to-day job, making their lives easier. What this book covers Chapter 1, Setting up a BizTalk Server Environment, will provide the reader with guidance on setting up a robust and healthy BizTalk environment, from its inception to its deployment. Recipes in this chapter will show the reader how to use some of the community and Microsoft tools to validate, test, and tune the BizTalk environment and how to set up and confgure critical components, such as MSDTC and SSO. Chapter 2, BizTalk Server Automation: Patterns, gives an idea about patterns that can be