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Chapter 1. Introducing Kentico CMS 5

Chapter 1. Introducing Kentico CMS 5

We already know the importance of our company website and intranet. We spend a lot of time in meetings discussing ways to increase traffic, redesigning for better usability, and special promotions to increase brand awareness. One problem is the constant stream of maintenance and site update requests that continue to stretch the already thin resources. Just today, your webmaster was saying how full his inbox was with change requests. Worse yet, you've lost track of all the pages on the site. You can't remember what was on the site last week or even last year. You know this puts customers and business stakeholders in a difficult position.

These are the types of problems a Content Management System (CMS) solves. A Web Content Management System like Kentico CMS allows your team of web developers, business users, and designers to manage the entire website and publishing process, thus making it easier to create, edit, and publish content with greater consistency. Your web designers will be able to guarantee visual consistency across the site. Developers are able to deploy custom code and Rich Internet Applications (RIA).&; Business users are able to measure and track site usage. Online marketers are empowered to update and deploy content without the need of developer support. Regardless of the type of site, this combination of benefits will increase your team's productivity, lower cost, and reduce overall site maintenance.

Over the course of this book, you will build a production website with Kentico CMS. In this chapter, you will install a development environment and learn the management fundamentals of your new site.

By reading this chapter and following the exercises, you will:


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