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Chapter 2. Preparing Your Content for Mo... > Time for action — cropping a selecti...

Time for action — cropping a selection

Taking a larger image we'll be using later in our ad, let's trim away the parts that we don't want appearing in our iAd:

  1. If you haven't already, open Preview from your Application's folder.

  2. From the Preview menu bar, select File | Open. In the book assets folder we downloaded in the last exercise, find the Dino Stores folder and open store-footprints.png.

  3. You should see three dinosaur footprints. We'll be using these later on the store finder for our iAd; however, we don't want all three footprints, just the red one.

    We're selecting the red image as users relate red markers on maps to destinations. A green marker shows a starting point, a purple for the user-selected destination, and a blue beacon for the user's current location.

  4. In the Select option, make sure that the Rectangular Selection tool is active by clicking on the small arrow next to the Select icon and then choosing Rectangular Selection.

  5. We're going to select a small area around the red footprint, so zoom in to the footprint using the Zoom + button, above the image. You may need to scroll to bring the right footprint into view. Here, you can see the select tool and zoom buttons on the toolbar:

  6. Now, hold down Shift and drag your mouse over the footprint so that a square box appears around it. There is a small box next to your mouse pointer, showing the size of your selection as you drag; once this has reached 160x160, stop dragging.

    Holding down Shift while dragging forces a square selection instead of a rectangle to appear. Use this when you need precise and equal selections.

  7. You should now have a square around the red footprint. If it's not centered, you can click-and-drag the square to center the footprint within it. You can also use the arrow keys to fine tune the positioning of your selection.

  8. Once you're happy with the positioning of the square, choose Tools | Crop from the menu bar. The rest of the image should disappear, with just the red footprint remaining.


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