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Over 90 recipes to build exciting Android applications with Flash, Flex, and AIR

  • The quickest way to solve your problems with building Flash applications for Android

  • Contains a variety of recipes to demonstrate mobile Android concepts and provide a solid foundation for your ideas to grow

  • Learn from a practical set of examples how to take advantage of multitouch, geolocation, the accelerometer, and more

  • Optimize and configure your application for worldwide distribution through the Android Market

  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible

In Detail

Flash has now arrived to Android — the fastest growing smartphone platform. This offers massive opportunities for Flash developers who want to get into mobile development. At the same time, working on smartphones will introduce new challenges and issues that Flash developers may not be familiar with.

The Flash Development for Android Cookbook enables Flash developers to branch out into Android mobile applications through a set of essential, easily demonstrable recipes. It takes you through the entire development workflow: from setting up a local development environment, to developing and testing your application, to compiling for distribution to the ever-growing Android Market.

The Flash Development for Android Cookbook starts off with recipes that cover development environment configuration as well as mobile project creation and conversion. It then moves on to exciting topics such as the use of touch and gestures, responding to device movement in 3D space, working with multimedia, and handling application layout. Essential tasks such as tapping into native processes and manipulating the file system are also covered. We then move on to some cool advanced stuff such as Android-specific device permissions, application debugging and optimization techniques, and the packaging and distribution options available on the mobile Android platform.

In a nutshell, this cookbook enables you to get quickly up to speed with mobile Android development using the Flash Platform in ways that are meaningful and immediately applicable to the rapidly growing area of mobile application development.

Take your Flash applications beyond the desktop and into the emerging world of mobile application development

Subscriber Reviews

Average Rating: 2 out of 5 rating Based on 1 Rating

"Lacks organization; nothing not found online" - by Anonymous on 04-DEC-2011
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
The steps the user goes through to create a new project are gone over somewhere near page 180, in the middle of the sixth chapter. Granted, this is a book that is probably not intended to be read in serial fashion, cover-to-cover, but the first chapter is entitled "Getting Ready to Work..." so apparently some association is made on the author's part between the front of the big and beginnings. Too bad that wasn't made manifest on a consistent basis.

A lot of what's provided in this book is already provided online, by Adobe and the user community. Don't come to here from there thinking that you'll find answers.

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