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FusionCharts > 4. Enabling Drill-down on Charts

4. Enabling Drill-down on Charts

Chapter 4. Enabling Drill-down on Charts
Harry is feeling web-savvy and is curious about his website's performance. Today, he wants to review how his online revenues have been growing over the last five years, and, we have been asked to visualize and provide this data in the form of a chart. We can build this chart in two ways.
In the first approach, we can plot a single chart with 60 columns — one column per month for those five years. While this chart lets Harry compare the growth of online revenue month-over-month, it is hard to figure the growth in yearly revenues, as Harry can only see monthly figures and will have to sum up the annual figures mentally — not a mean feat. And doesn't that beat the whole purpose of having a chart in the first place?
The other approach is to first show the yearly revenue of those five years in a column chart. This lets him track the growth of revenue over years. Now, when he needs to see breakdown of a particular year, he can click on the respective year's column in the chart and view monthly data for that year. This approach is better as it first lets him compare the yearly revenue, and then drill-down into the breakdown of a particular year reflecting the monthly revenues. This chapter explains this concept of drill-down in detail.
In this chapter, you will: Learn how to build charts that can drill-down into detailed dataConfigure the drill-down charts to open in a new window, frame, or pop upsUse JavaScript functions to react to drill-down eventsUse the LinkedCharts feature of FusionCharts to create multi-level drill-down using a single data source Before we get on with our first example, let us quickly understand how drill-down works in FusionCharts.


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