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11. Implementing In-App Purchases > The wonders of In-App Purchase - Pg. 336

Implementing In-App Purchases The wonders of In-App Purchase The purpose of implementing In-App Purchase is to add an in-app payment functionality to collect payment for enhanced functionality or additional content usable in your game. The following are options of incorporating this feature: A game that offers new level packs to play outside of the default content A freemium game that allows you to purchase virtual currency to create/build new assets during gameplay Adding additional characters or special power ups to enhance game elements These are some examples that can be done with In-App Purchases. In-App Purchases allow users to purchase additional content within an application. The App Store manages transaction information only. Developers cannot use the App Store to deliver content. So, either you bundle content with your app when you ship it waiting to be unlocked upon purchase, or you have to work out your own system to download the data if you wish to deliver content. Types of In-App Purchases There are several In-App Purchase types you can apply in your apps. They are as follows: Consumable: These are products that must be purchased each time the user needs that item. They're typically a one-time service, such as money in an app where you need to pay for supplies to build structures. Non-consumable: These are products that only need to be purchased once by the user. This could be additional level packs in a game. Auto-renewable subscription: These are products that allow the user to purchase in-app content for a set duration of time. An example of an auto-renewable subscription would be a magazine or newspaper that takes advantage of the auto- renewing functionality built into iOS. Free subscriptions: These are used to put free subscription content in newsstands. Once a user signs up for a free subscription, it will be available on all devices associated with the user's Apple ID. Note that free subscriptions do not expire and can only be offered in newsstand-enabled apps. Non-renewing subscriptions: Similar to auto-renewable subscriptions, this is a non-renewing subscription that requires a user to renew each time the subscription is due to expire. Your app must contain code that recognizes when the expiration occurs. It must also prompt the user to purchase a new subscription. An auto-renewable subscription eliminates these steps. [ 336 ]