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Lua Crash Course and the Corona Framework Functions Functions can carry out a procedure or compute and return values. We can make a function call as a statement or we can use it as an expression. We have learned that functions can be variables. A table can use those variables to store them as properties. Functions are the most important means of abstraction in Lua. One function that we have used many times is: print . In the following example, the print function is being told to execute one piece of data--the string, "My favorite number is 8" : print("My favorite number is 8") -- My favorite number is 8 Another way of saying this is that print is being called with one argument. print is only one of the many built-in functions that Lua has, but almost any program you write will involve you defining your own functions. Defining a function When trying to define a function, you have to give it a name that you can call out to when you want to return a value. You then have to create a statement of what the value will output and then apply end to your function after you have finished defining it. For example: function myName() print("My name is Jane.") end myName() -- My name is Jane.