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Monkey Game Development > 7. Game #6, At The Docks

7. Game #6, At The Docks

Chapter 7. Game #6, At The Docks
Got pushed around when you were younger? Well, now it's time for payback! Not exactly against the bullies from your school times, but in Game #6, you are now working in a storage area at the docks. Your goal is to push the crates to the correct locations in storage. Someone just dropped them where they are now and it is up to you to finish the job they started. Start the engine of your machine and push these gigantic crates to their target positions. But be careful, you can only push them, not drag them.
Game #6 will be At The Docks, a Sokoban clone. For anyone who doesn't know the Sokoban kind of games, here is a link that explains them:
The game maps will be made of small tiles. The design of a map will be stored in simple text files, which we will read into the game at runtime. As we are targeting the Xbox 360 platform here, we will control the player's machine with the control pad.
In this chapter, you will do the following: Read joystick inputDo collision detection via Box2Box collision checksUse LoadString to read game map dataCreate an XNA application So, let's get on with it...


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