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Chapter 1. Learning about Electronics fo... > Project 1.1. How Much Electronics Do... - Pg. 12

12 Electronics Explained: The New Systems Approach to Learning Electronics Elbow motor Shoulder motor Moveable joints rotate Wrist motor Entire assembly rotates Motor Cable from computer or controller End effector or gripper can pick up objects or perform other manipulations Solidly mounted base Computer controller FIGURE 1.6 The most common form of robot emulates a human arm and hand to perform work automatically under the control of a computer. Project 1.1 How Much Electronics Do You Own? Just to be sure that you really appreciate the extent to which electronics impacts your life, I strongly suggest that you take a few minutes and make an inventory of all the electronic devices and equipment that you use at home, at work, and away from home. Get a yellow pad and a ballpoint pen and move around your house and just write down all the electronic products that you own and use on a regular basis. TV sets, computers, and cell phones are the most obvious, but don't for- get things like telephones, your wrist watch, appliances, and other entertainment products. Make a separate listing of the electrical and electronic products you use inside your car and then another one for those electronic products that you use at work. Make the list comprehensive. Study it. Be amazed.